Lazuli pendant

Lazuli pendant


Deep blue hues speckled with gold, this regal Lapis Lazuli stone is set in a fine silver bezel with a 925 sterling silver, angled surround,


The use of Lapis Lazuli in jewellery dates back to 3000BC. Where references are made to sapphire in the Bible, Lapis lazuli is thought by some to be the actual stone. Any Renaissance painting with the Lazuli derrived  pigment 'Ultramarine Blue', were considered extrememly high value; Van Gogh used it to paint The Starry Night in 1889, and likewise, Vermeer, for his famous painting 'The Girl with the Pearl Earring'. Unlike most other gem materials, lapis lazuli is not a mineral. Instead, it is a rock composed of multiple minerals, the reflective parts being gold pyrite.


Hand-made to order, to the highest quality, items may contain slight differences those pictured, and dimensions stated. Likewise, all semi-precious gemstones used are hand-picked for their aesthetic qualities. As they are naturally occurring, there may be slight variations to those pictured. Customisation can be accommodated, please get in contact if you'd like any changes.


This pendant is presented on a beautiful curb chain, and is branded with The Silver Bird makers-mark. All items are presented in shimming blue luxury gift box, with silver foil logo and with magnetic closure.


Approximate Dimensions:

Pendant (Length x width)- 30mm x 18mm

Stone (Length x width)- 12mm x 18mm